The Bertram communities, like all assisted living communities within Massachusetts, are built on a social model rather than a medical model.  Residents keep their own primary care physicians and specialists.  Our staff does not prescribe medications or diagnose illness, but rather works in tandem with each resident's care team to ensure that each resident's needs are met.

Our Resident Care Director is a Registered Nurse and s/he leads our assessment process to ensure that each resident is receiving the appropriate amount of support on an ongoing basis. S/he also assists with coordinating outside support services (such as physical therapy and visiting nurses) for residents, and communicating with physicians and family members when needed.

Service Plans: Every resident is different, and every resident’s needs are different! We use Individualized Service Plans to ensure that the entire team knows each resident’s preferences and interest. Does Mrs. Smith prefer a shower in the evening, does Mr. Jones need a reminder to change his hearing aid batteries each week, or does Ms. Franklin like to be reminded when we have an educational lecture happening? Our service plans incorporate these details and so much more!

Communication: Because we know that communication is the foundation for success, our management team meets weekly to discuss each resident and their care, to ensure that changes are noted and addressed, and we promptly discuss any changes with family members.

The Bertram communities are dedicated to promoting the highest level of Wellness for each of our residents, through a combination of encouraging independence, providing support when needed, and communicating regularly with family members, residents, and each resident's personal medical team.