The very best information we can provide is directly from the Residents and Families of John Bertram House

VIDEO:  Testimonials from 25 years of Service (testimonials start at 3:05)

"My Mum and I would like to thank everyone -care managers, housekeeping, kitchen, concierges, and management- for their amazing commitment, dedication, and hard work.  We are so grateful to be part of the special JBH family.  We are blessed to have a home on Salem Common filled with love and devotion... JBH is so unique and unlike an other.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

"The staff are marvelous.  Suits me to a T.  They are courteous and polite.  People treat me nicely.  Meals are terrific."

"... We are so apprecitive of everyone and they should know they are a big part of what makes the John Bertram House so special... Without you and your various areas of expertise our life would be a lot more complicated."

"They help me a lot.  They do it for me so they must do it for others.  They couldn't do more for me.  They are very good to me.  Love the exercise class."

"...So you can see I now know first hand of the certitude of the words "John Bertram House is with you."  I have written previously about my gratitude to the staff for all they do for my mother and how I consider the Bertram Staff as angels.  I am so grateful to know that I have so many angels with me."

From Residents and Staff in Honor of Staff Appreciation Week 2015