Residents at John Bertram House enjoy fine dining for all three meals in the company of each other.  The Dining Room, a former ballroom, is awash in sunlight over-looking the Salem Common and elegantly displays 18-foot ceilings with sculpted crown molding.  The kitchen offers seating for eight and a more casual home-like environment.  The Dining Services Coordinator and the exceptional kitchen team believe that good food fuels the body and brain of every individual and carry that though with variety in taste, colors, and seasonal availablity in planning the menus.  Fine linens and fresh flowers adorn each table, making for an elegant experience.


Breakfast is a very fluid meal.  Many residents enjoy an early cup of coffee and a full breakfast a bit later in the morning.  Breakfast includes juices, coffee & tea, hot & cold cereal, english muffins, toast, fresh fruit, eggs and breakfast meats. 


Dinner is the heavier meal of the day and served at noon.  Residents are presented with menu options such as grilled salmon or homemade meatloaf, roasted red bliss potatoes, and fresh steamed green beans.  Side salads and a wide variety of desserts round out the meal.


Supper is served in the evening starting at about 5:00pm.  Choices of hot and cold sandwiches, soups, chilled salads, and dishes such as pot pies, lasagna, or turnovers are presented.  Various icecreams and desserts are enjoyed sometimes well into the evening!


Snacks are served in the sunroom daily.  It is always a surprise ranging from fresh fruit to mini quiches to cookies fresh from the oven.  The John John Bertram House takes pride in the established "Hydration for Better Health Program" provided by the staff.  There is always poland spring water, cider, and various juices available.